About Guy

Guy Kopsombut is a self-taught illustrator based in Nashville, TN. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and a master’s degree in Leadership and Organization Performance, both degrees from Vanderbilt University. As a first generation American Thai, he balances his time between helping his family at their Thai Restaurant, The Smiling Elephant, and creating art.

Guy is the creator of 4amShower, the most wholesome comic ever! The reason Guy created 4amShower was to help one person, anyone person in the world, smile each day. He believes by doing so, the world can become a happier place to live in. Using his background in Design Thinking, Guy creates his comic by empathizing with as many people as possible. He gains inspiration by asking readers for their stories and experiences. From what they shared, Guy creates comics that aim to connect people together and provides love and hope.

About 4amShower

4amShower is the most wholesome comic comic that you’ll ever find! The comic is updated daily and is filled with motivation, encouragement, and cute critters! Comic themes include, but not limited to, love, happiness, depression and tacos!

If you have themes or animal suggestions to inspire me, feel free to emai me at 4amShower@gmail.com.

4amShower has been featured on such sites as BoredPanda and Tapas.io.