Currently, I am closed for commissions to focus on creating books. If I do open up again for commissions, I will announce it through social media and this page. The following information is shown for your reference for possible projects in the future. 

For commissions, I have a unique pricing model. For an original five panel 8"x8” digital comic, I would ideally like $1300 + Shipping/Handling. You can pick any price between $750 - $1300. I ask if you can afford the $1300, please do so as it supports me, but I also understand if you would like a lower price :) For any price you choose, remember that you will still need to add S/H. The price you choose will be for any 8"x8” but can be scaled larger with an extra material cost. If you have a special circumstance, such as a sick family member or asking someone to marry you, but cannot afford the price, please let me know your budget and I’ll try my best to work with you. If you have a price range lower than the one mentioned above, let me know and I might be able to accommodate once I finish my current workload. I try my best to create commissions for everyone that wants one if I can. 

Here is my general process: 
    1. I will email you a contract that contains the description of the piece, cost and other details of the project. I ask for half of the cost upfront and the other half upon completion. Once you sign it, I'll start to make a sketch.
    1. Once done with the sketch, I will email the sketch to you to see if it fits with what you have in mind. I ask people to respond in 2-3 days to keep the project moving forward. If you have any suggestions, I can make them at that time. Once agreed upon, I will make the final version.
  1. Once I finish the final copy, I will email the image to you. I usually give people 3 revisions for an image, if needed. I ask people to respond in 2-3 days to keep the project moving forward. So after revisions, I will ask for the last portion of the cost and mail the piece out to you! 
If you’re interested in moving forward with a commission, please email me at with the following information and I can return an estimate for your commission:
  • Due Date
  • A detailed description of your project.
  • Size you want
  • Zipcode, state, and country (to find shipping/handling cost)
  • How much you would like to pay not including shipping/handling
In addition to the print, if requested, I can provide a HI RES PDF of the comic at no extra cost. This allows you to print the comic yourself on any other non-commercial product you may wish. If you wish to only receive an email with a HI-RES PDF of the comic and not receive a print, that is an option, too, though pricing will remain the same. This option is usually chosen when shipping prices are a concern.

I love working closely with my patrons and hope to create something magical for you :) 

If you have anymore questions, please let me know! :)